Sunday, November 22, 2015

Drop it like it's taught

If you've been on Facebook in the last week, you've probably seen this image floating around:
I have to say… the first time I saw one of my friends share this in their post, I smiled…this is EXACTLY what we talk about at NTN and even describe those outcomes we teach for in the School Success Rubric (SSR)! The second time I saw it posted was from a friend who is a teacher… a non-NT teacher… and I'm pretty sure I smiled & yelled " 'BOUT TIME!" I felt like, "Finally! Education is getting a small bit of credit for what so many dedicated folks show up for each and every day!" But it did beg the question of "So how are my schools doing with that goal of "teaching for the outcome?" The learning, cultural and college & career outcomes we strive for in our students each and every day?!"

Well, don't just sit there… OPEN THAT SCHOOL SUCCESS RUBRIC! If this is the first time you're looking at NTN's SSR, you'll notice that it's full of indicators we want our students to experience and learn while at school. Alright, here's what I want you to do… Put a (mental) checkmark, sticky dot, or color in the cell associated with each domain (I.e. The title of each row) to indicate which level of success (I.e. Each column) BEST articulates how your students are currently performing. Something like this:
Now I want you to carefully read the bullet point items in the cell to the right of where you put each and every check mark/dot/color. … Take your time… I'll wait…

So now you've identified what level your students are currently performing at AND what the next level of growth would be that they demonstrate. BUT HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THEM THERE!? What will you do to support them in achieving that growth point from now until the end of the semester? After all…WE TEACH FOR THE OUTCOME, RIGHT!? Right! (Yes, I did just throw my fist up in the air all 'power punch' style! You're welcome!)  Seriously though… what are you going to strategically do to support student growth in these learning, cultural, & college and career outcomes?! Okay wait… That feels like a whole lot all at once, doesn't it!? How 'bout this. I want you to choose ONE domain for each of those three outcomes… just one… and determine a SPECIFIC strategy or routine you will put in place to see growth in those THREE items you picked. FINE… I'LL HELP YOU OUT! Check out this document of SSR Recommended Practices and see if there are any strategies here that jump start your thinking in the ONE AREA PER OUTCOME that you just chose! Maybe you want to chat with your Director about this?! Perhaps you need to chat with your team teacher about this?! You probably want to see what others in your school are thinking of (so you can combine forces where necessary too)! Whatever strategy you select, just PROMISE to give that strategy a try until you have EVIDENCE that it is or isn't working. After all…. Achieving success isn't always pretty!

Peace, love, and a picture's worth a 1,000 words… (so you just read 3,000 words REALLY quickly)!!!

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