Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kiss the cook... and the chef...

Yes, there IS a difference between a cook and a chef! My twin sister, Molly, is a chef. Sure, she has a culinary degree which makes it official, but watching her move gracefully around the kitchen vs my fumbling through recipes is the real validation! Molly loves to create, hates following guidelines, recipes, and measuring (at least that’s how it seems to me when I watch her). She can’t stand a whole bunch of structure. Give her the general idea and let her create and experiment to her heart’s content and she’ll whip up something awesome…specifically with pastries. She didn’t start there though. She began as a cook. Originally, she enjoyed the structure and guidelines given by a recipe, measuring and following a prescription. When she started her culinary adventure, just having  a general idea without details stressed her OUT!!! But for people  with Molly’s skills today (10 years into her culinary career), having too many details and too much structure would drive her nuts! 

The point is that the best implementation method is the one that works best for you right NOW! Guidelines will always be present, it’s just how you go about following those guidelines that’s the kicker. If you’ve moved to a current phase in your life of PBL design and implementation without using “all the templates” because you’ve already used them to “cook” and now you’re a “chef” in the PBL world… then great!!!! Buf it you’re still uncertain in some areas of design or implementation and need guidance, or perhaps you’re just currently tired of thinking or you feel like you’ve exhausted all your creative juices at the moment, then know that there are templates available to provide structure for you too! (For my NTN friends, check out the modules and quick guides in Echo or ask me to help you find a good recipe!) Just because the end of the year is upon us doesn’t mean it’s okay for us to serve a sub-par meal to our students. 

So are you currently a chef or a cook? (Are you a chef of project ideation but a cook of project scaffolding?) Still not sure? And if you do know, what do you do next with so many resources and information available to you?

Peace, love, and messy kitchens,


(I'll catch up to her culinary skills one of these days...)

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