Sunday, May 22, 2016

Data Dives & Protocol Police

Yeah, yeah…I get it…you’re tired, perhaps slightly overwhelmed, maybe even staring at a list of activities to be graded during your prep period tomorrow, or maybe you’re even conjuring up the final details on your end-of-year celebration(s) with students. While ALL of those things are important, so is taking time to sit down with your colleagues (all of them in a Critical Friends Group setting, or even some of them before/after school or over lunch) to dive into some data for the sake of identifying growth areas your students have made this year and/or areas YOU have grown in your curriculum design and implementation. SO, I want you to consider a few data sources you might explore based off of your learning focus or what you’re hoping to get out of the “data dive”:
  • Want to take a closer look at what your students currently know & are able to do regarding a particular set of standards? Get your critical friends together and bring some student work samples to the table (with student names removed) and engage in a Learning from Student Work protocol
  • Want to make sense of some student feedback (that you took notes on or recorded during a student focus group)?! Why not find 40min. And try the ATLAS: Looking at Data protocol on for size!? 
  • Not quite sure how “quality” your PBL/PrBL units actually were at the end of the year?! Why not bring a Project Briefcase from echo or a Project Planning Form to your group of critical friends and have them take a look at your work in alignment with the indicators of a quality project using NTN’s Project Quality Checklist
  • Trying to make sense of some good ole’ numerical data (test scores? Attendance ratings? College acceptance data? Etc?) How about using the Compass Points Visible Thinking Routine to determine what you’re excited and worried about, what questions the data raises and next steps/implications for looking at the data!
Who knows…you might even uncover a piece of learning and growth during your data dive that makes that time of working in your class space a LITTLE more valuable! :) 

Peace, love, and structured conversations!


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